Mine Together, Trade Together

One platform for the media, mining and p2p trading of modern digital assets.

Crypto Mainframe Product Ecosystem

CM.Ex Exchange

A p2p trading exchange for popular and mineable digital assets

CM Mining Pool

Users rent or combine hashing power to earn block rewards for a range of blockchains

CMN News Network

24-hour, unbiased news and market data analysis from leading media platforms

The Crypto Mainframe solution will offer unique flexibility between two popular investment strategies.

Based in the trustworthy jurisdiction of the United Kingdom

All mineable assets have liquid trading pairs

Developed by cyber security specialists to protect your assets

Supported by 24-7 news, data analysis and TradingView charting tools

Integrated Pool for hardware & cloud mining

Innovative asset management on pc and mobile

Register early for a deposit bonus, exclusive deals and important updates ahead of CM.Ex launch in 2020