We are a team of passionate blockchain enthusiasts based out of US. Our aim is to bring US closer to the next digital revolution by building the country’s most advanced Digital Asset Exchange.

Our mission is to create the most Transparent, Secure and Trusted Hybrid  exchange so that crypto traders can trade peacefully while we do the work. We have carefully designed the product which takes care of all your trading needs and provides you most advanced trading experience in the most intuitive manner. We don’t want to restrict ourselves to just an exchange, with your support we want to contribute to this ecosystem, support technology backed ICOs, STO’s and IEO’s, support blockchain entrepreneurs and build solutions that will power the future digital economy. We believe, this can be made possible when we join hands and work along with the government to increase it’s real-life adoption. We will always remain compliant with the government rules and regulations in the country where we operate.


Why You Choose Us

The FreedomEx solution will offer unique flexibility between popular investment strategies


Based in the trustworthy jurisdiction of the United States


Developed by cyber security specialists protect your assests

24×7 support

Supported 24-7 news data analysis and trendingView charting tools

cloud security

integrated pool for hardware and & cloud security.


All digital assets have liquid trading pairs 

Responsive design

Innovative asset management on PC and Mobile


Executive team

FreedomEX Architect

Thanks to incentivization, Cryptro’s network has grown to 500+ masternodes since launch in 2020.

In Cryptro, everyone has a voice and the ability to propose projects directly to the network. Anything you can do – from marketing to development – that helps Cryptro grow and improve can be funded. This means Cryptro funds its own growth and adoption, consensus is guaranteed, and everyone is accountable to the network.